PayPal is adding cryptocurrency merchant payments in 2021. Soon after, credit card processors including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express will need to add support for cryptocurrency payments in order to stay competitive or they will cease to exist. Eventually, this technological paradigm shift change will cause most people to use cryptocurrency as their main currency, leaving fiat currencies for cash transactions only. Support for purchsing using cryptocurrncy is important because it allows those who own cryptocurrency to avoid capital gains tax when the cryptocurrency is spent because it is never converted into local fiat.

Some cryptocurrencies are born and fade away quickly because they have very little long term vision and add little utility to existing cryptocurrencies. Although there are several cryptocurrencies which have different forms of practical utility, there may only be room for certain cryptocurrencies in the future. We believe in the current utility and future vision planned for Cardano.

Cardano is currently the most decentralized cryptocurrency and also supports staking functionality which most other cryptocurrencies do not currently support. Additionally, Cardano has plans for enabling those which have poor or no bank access to use Cardano as a replacement for modern banking, which will change these areas of the world for the better, starting with Africa. To lean more about Cardano, see


My name is Derek Graham and I am the President of Fifty Star Investments Inc. I have over 24 years of experience with computer programming and IT technological work, as well as 10 years of investing experience in real-estate and tax lien certificates. I graduated from Oregon State University with honors in Computer Science in 2006.


We want to actively support Cardano by doing as much as we can. We already own Cardano ADA cryptocurrency and we have staked this currency with other staking pools in the past, but it is time now for us to become even more involved. The best way to support Cardano is to operate a stake pool and convert our ADA holdings into our pool pledge because this helps decentralize the project and increase the overall raw processing power of the Cardano network.


Stake pool operators earn much more for operating pools as compared to staking in existing pools, which means we can bring our stake pools to the public with a 0.00% margin and still make plenty of ADA returns to make it worth our time. This means you will receive 100% of the interest your ADA generates when staking in one of our pools because we do not need to skim off the top in order to afford paying for server maintenance.